Systems of Opressions


Hello there,

Here are 3 things I want you to know this year.

  • Sizeism is the prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person's size.
  • Discrimination based upon a person's size is wrong.
  • We are all equal, no matter what size we are.

From, a concerned person

I think ...

Gender Bias Actions

Dear Males,

Here are some oppresive cultures you need to change.

  • lack of mobility
  • Freedom of Marriage
  • Discriminatory Divorce Rights
  • Custody Rights
  • Professional Obstacles
  • Access to Education

From your fellow man

I think ...


Dear Everybody,

Ableism is discrimination in favor of able bodied people. Here are three examples of overstepping the boundaries!

  • Assuming people with disabilities have no autonomy.
  • Feeling entitled to know how people became disabled
  • Using handicapped restrooms without a second thought.

From, Pen Kim

This year, I hope people will be...

Racial Discrimination

Dear Reader,

This is the problem with racial discrimination:

  • It dehumanises the people that we are oppressing.
  • Most people in the US experince this type of discrimination at an early age.
  • Our media, social culture, and society pushes us to follow these stereotypes.

From your student,

Omar Estanislao

I think this should...